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Sometimes, we think it might have been more fun to live during the 1950’s. Sure, they didn’t have all the smartphones and internet we have today, but they were a time when you could pick up your best girl in your bent eight, head to the sock hop and do the lindy hop. These days, the kids are more interested in twerking in clubs and spamming social media with selfies.

The 50’s might be gone for good (at least until 2050 comes along), but we think that you can still carry on the spirit of the decade. You can find a whole boss selection of threads to impress that hunk or that cutie you’ve had your eye on (provided they’re into 50’s style too). From poodle skirts, to greaser jackets and even Riveting Rosie, you can find anything you’ll need to bring the 50’s back to the modern age.