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If you've read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald or seen one of the films inspired by the book and have fallen in love with characters' lifestyles of excess, their outrageous parties or their amazing fashion then you'll love this collection of Great Gatsby inspired costumes. Put on a glamourous 1920s dress or suit and you'll be ready to attend a fabulous party of your own!

Whether you thought the love story between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan was romantic, tragic, or irresponsible you can't deny that it made for an engaging story. So the next time you're invited to a roaring twenties event, don't just wear any vintage look, wear one that represents the best of the era! 

Our Great Gatsby outfits for men and women are just what you need to shine at any party. A suit just like Jay's or a bluebell dress just like Daisy's - you'll be turning heads with our Great Gatsby attire. Or create your own Gatsby costume with our accessories. Look authentic with a lace shawl or even feather boa.