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Halloween Body Parts

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Give your home a terror-ific makeover with the addition of body parts props! Our Halloween body parts include hands, feet, arms, legs, and heads! Add these scary limbs to your lawn to frighten trick-or-treaters on Halloween night! Or welcome party guests to a gruesome scene when you scatter these props throughout your home. Sold as individual pieces or in multi-packs of body parts, these body parts let you fully customize your house of horrors!
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Boney Skeleton Arm Decoration-0
Made By Us Exclusive
5ft Eco-Friendly Stuffed Dummy Decoration
Sale - 40% Made By Us
Large Skull
Bag of Bones Halloween Decoration
Made By Us Exclusive
Head in a Jar
17" Shaking Arm
Bag O Bones Prop
Eyeball Popcorn Prop
Sale - 30%
18.25" Skeleton Grave Breaker Arms
Sale - 20%
6 Clear Body Parts Labels
Sale - 20%
Light Up Skull and Bloody Hand
Sale - 17%
Decapitated Old Man Head
Coming Soon
12 pc. Bag of Skulls Update
Coming Soon
Animated Bloody Body Prop
Coming Soon
Hanging Bloody Arm
Coming Soon
Voodoo Shrunken Head Accessory
Coming Soon
Zombie Body Decoration
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes
Coming Soon
2 Piece Eyeball Set
Coming Soon
Corpse Beheaded Severed Head Prop
Coming Soon
Heartless Prop
Coming Soon
5 Piece Severed Finger Set
Coming Soon
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