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Princess Bride Costumes

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Few movies have touched our heart like The Princess Bride. That film had everything! It had a handsome leading man who was daring and skilled with a sword. It had a gripping love story between farm boy, Westley, and his true love, Buttercup. It had Inigo Montoya's story of betrayal and revenge. It had some jerk named Humperdinck being a total bully and it even had Billy Crystal, being his funny self. Oh and did we mention that the movie has Andre the Giant? Because it does. Yeah, it's pretty easy to see why we love this movie and why we went about gathering together the best costumes for The Princess Bride!

Our Princess Bride costumes include all of the best characters from the movie, like Westely, Inigo Montoya and Buttercup. Once you have one of them on, you can recreate scenes from the movie, or act out your very own sequel to the events of the movie. Does Inigo become the Dread Pirate Roberts? Do Westley and Buttercup live happily ever after? Those are all the questions that you get to decide when you wear one of these licensed outfits.