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Plants vs Zombies Costumes

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You better water your plants everyday because you just never know when the zombies will arise from their grave. That's right, once those brain-munching zombies bust out of their tombstones, they'll start attacking our homes and the only way to keep them at bay is so make sure that you have a strong squad of sprouts that will protect you from the undead. Any player of the popular game, Plants vs. Zombies, already knows that though!

If you love zombie-zapping with an arsenal of different kind of plants, then you'll our Plants vs. Zombies costumes. These costumes for adults and children are exclusively made by us so you won't be able to find them anywhere else. You'll be transformed into a powerful peashooter once you don the appropriately sized plush all-green costume. Do whatever it takes to make sure that those pesky zombies don't make it to your front door!