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Imagine what it would have been like to be Neil Armstrong. You would have been the first person to walk on the moon and debunk that childhood myth that the moon is really made out of cheese! Astronauts have done tons of cool things since walking on the moon in 1969. For example, they launched Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 which were the first spacecrafts to visit the gaseous planets Jupiter and Saturn. Plus, they invented the most-loved of all NASA spacecraft, the Hubble Telescope, which let us view stars, planets, nebulae, and galaxies with accurate precision and clarity. Not only are astronauts very cool in real life, but they also are really cool in the movies. Remember Tom Hanks in Apollo 13 muttering, "Houston, we have a problem" or Ben Afflek's and Bruce Willis' brillant performances in Armageddon. If the movies Apollo 13 and Armageddon weren't enough to convince you that astronauts are all the rage, the award nominated movie Gravity made astronauts really cool in 2013. 

Make your Halloween costume skyrocket this year when you wear one of our cool Astronaut costumes. You will look like you just got done traveling through space while you have one of our jumpsuits on. We have sexy astronaut costumes for women and even plus size costumes complete with bubble helmets. If your little one wants to orbit through space, we also sell toddler costumes for your little astronaut in training! We also carry all of the accessories you need to make your astronaut costume even more realistic including helmets and space boots!

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