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People really do like to fawn over heroes, it seems. Sure, they save the world and yes, sometimes they get to wear brightly colored spandex suits, but come on! Where's the love for villains? We love villains here. After all, where would Superman be without Lex Luthor? Where would Peter Pan be without Captain Hook? Where would Harry Potter be without Voldemort? That's right, they'd just be a bunch of boring old goody-two shoes with nothing to do all day! That's why we love villains and that's why you should consider dressing up in a villain costume this year.

Our gigantic selection of villain costumes includes everything you can think of, from bad guys from the comic books, to evil witches from classic story books. We even have villain costumes from your favorite movies, like Star Wars. You want to dress like Darth Vader? We got a movie quality replica you can get! You wan to be the Joker from that awesome Batman movie you saw in the theater? You'd better believe we got that one. Heck, if you want to be Johnny Lawrence, just so you can pretend to sweep the leg, we've got a costume for that too.

Just make sure to tone down you evil behavior when wearing one of these villain costumes, since we can't condone any sort of violence to achieve your villainous plans. However, we're totally on board with your plans of world domination, but only if you wear a Shredder costume while you do it.