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Adults Tinky Winky Teletubbies Costume
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"Eh-oh!" The Teletubbies are here and they're ready to start the day off right with some tubby custard and some dance moves to get the blood flowing. As soon as the sun baby pops up in the morning, the Teletubbies play their intruments, do some exercises, and scold Noo-noo, the robotic vacuum cleaner, for sucking up their toys. During the late 90's the Teletubbies were totally in because they were quirky , colorful, and kids loved to watch their singing and dancing on TV. There was also alot of controversy surrounding the little aliens with TV's in their tummies, so they will  make very popular costumes for adults!

If you and your buddies want to go to the bar dressed as Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po, be prepared to get a lot of attention from just about everyone in the bar because who doesn't love the Teletubbies? You and yorur buddies will have to fight over who gets to be Tiny Winky, since he is undeniably everyone's favorite for reason that won't be discussed... Ladies, don't worry you can get in on all the Teletubby fun because we sell cute tank dresses with shiny  televison screens. The headbands with different shapes are also included with the costume. Get ready to relive your childhood days of lounging in your PJ's watching the gibberish speaking alien creatures once you slip into these cool costumes!