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Playboy's frisky, playful bow-tied bunny logo is a cultural icon that is instantly recognizable. It evokes images of the decadent, pleasure-seeking lifestyle shown in Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine. The success of the magazine led Hefner to open a chain of nightclubs, the Playboy Clubs. Early members received a distinctive key with the bunny logo on its grip (in 1966 they switched to a plastic key card). Possession of a Playboy Club key became a status symbol. And one of the chief attractions at the Playboy Clubs was the Bunnies. Bunnies greeted keyholders and their guests at the door. They served food and drinks, checked coats & hats, sold cigarettes and other Playboy merchandise. Whatever their position, they created a fun and welcoming atmosphere.  

Playboy Bunnies were in the vanguard of the sexual revolution. It goes without saying that they were beautiful, but a Bunny also had to be a cheerful "people person." Bunnies worked hard, but if they were successful they could earn above-average pay and generous tips . A select few Bunnies went on to become Playboy models or even Playmates (centerfold models). Many went on to careers in diverse fields: modeling, acting, business, law, medicine, government. The same outgoing and hard-working traits that made them good Bunnies led to success at other jobs. Most also became wives and mothers. (Did you know that Jon Bon Jovi's mother was once a Playboy Bunny?)  

If you want to recapture that aura, get one of our bunny costumes. They're patterned after the original design worn by the actual Bunnies in the Playboy Clubs. The classic "Bunny Suit" was a strapless satin corset in any color. It included Bunny ears of the same fabric, black pantyhose and dyed-to-match satin pumps. All Bunnies wore a white collar with a black bow tie, white cuffs with Playboy cufflinks, and a large, fluffy white bunny tail. Complete your Bunny look with glamorous makeup and a great hairstyle.

Then polish your Bunny skills. Practice the Bunny Stance: with your feet together, arch your back and tuck your hips under. Three-inch or higher heels will help. The Bunny Perch is easier--just lean against the top of a chair back. Your man will love it even more if you serve him a drink by doing the Bunny Dip! The Bunny Dip was a move invented by an early Bunny to prevent wardrobe malfunctions while serving drinks. To do it, position yourself beside and a bit ahead of the seated guest, facing the same way. Starting from the Bunny Stance, bend your knees and lean backwards, keeping your body straight. This gives your guest a good view of your assets as you place his drink in front of him. It may take a bit of practice to master this move while keeping your balance and avoiding spills. Above all, be charming and flirtatious!