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Maleficent Costumes

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Malicious fairy queen or misrepresented protector of the forest? Whatever your opinion of Maleficent might be, she's got plenty of style! Choose from a classic Disney cartoon look or a dashing midnight colored costume. Whether you're wearing a full costume or you rely on Maleficient's show-stopping accessories, you're sure to enjoy the power and pride that comes with wearing Maleficient's costume.
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Maleficent Dog Costume
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Dog Maleficent Costume

Womens Evil Queen Costume
Deluxe Maleficent Costume

Deluxe Maleficent Costume

Disney Maleficent Hanging Prop
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Whether you're a fan of the classic animated Maleficent from Disney's Sleeping Beauty or you prefer Angelina Jolie as the scorned fairy queen, we have costumes ready for you to harness your dark magic. Angelina Jolie plays the self-proclaimed, "Mistress of All Evil" in the 2014 live-action movie, and she returns to the screen for the role in the second installment in 2019's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. (Fun fact: Jolie's daughter Vivienne makes an appearance as the young Aurora in the first film!) While we miss seeing Maleficent turn into a dragon in the live-action version, we can't help but be fascinated by her wicked fashion sense.

Now you can recreate Maleficent's rage and destruction with our collection of officially licensed Maleficent costumes. Add a staff and a horned headpiece for an especially realistic look! The world is finally going to know the real story behind this infamous Disney villain. What made her so cruel? What drives her to curse a young, innocent princess? How far will she go to keep Aurora from ushering in peace in the land? Or if you are feeling brave, put on an Aurora costume and defend your kingdom from darkness.