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We don't really condone violence unless it's in the kind of high-octane sword-fighting action scenes that Quentin Tarantino features in his movies. The scene where the Bride (Beatrix Kiddo) crosses katanas with each member of the Crazy 88 in a row? Mind-blowing! Or how about that fight between Beatrix and Gogo Yubari? Craziness! And the costumes? Get outta here! Of course, we decided to put our love of the movie to good use, by making a whole line of super awesome costumes based on the classic action movie. We spared no detail in creating some of the best costumes based on Kill Bill characters!

These Kill Bill costumes include everything from Uma Thurman's signature yellow jumpsuit to her biker jacket that she wore while tracking down O-Ren Ishii. We also carry costumes so women can transform into the devious deadly villain, Elle Driver. Or, if you're feeling like mixing a bit of cute into your dangerous essence, our Gogo Yubari costume turns you into the deadly chain-mace wielding assassin from the Yakuza. We also carry toy weapons based on the ones used by the main characters, like the Hattori Hanzo sword and the meteor hammer. All of our costumes are licensed from the movie and fully made by us, so we stand by their quality 100%.