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Ancient Rome was home to many grand heroes who have accomplished many courageous feats. Some were forged through politics, like Julius Caesar and Augustus. Others, were forged through battle in the Colosseum, like the one and only Sparticus! (Geez, that guy is awesome!) Yes, no warriors were fiercer than the fighters who entered the ring as a gladiator. To entertain a roaring crowd of people, they fought both man and beast to pave their path to glory. How about you? How will you create your heroic story? Through boring old diplomacy and rule, or through battle as a victorious gladiator?

Okay, so maybe the days of gladiatorial games are over, but wearing a gladiator costume might just be the way for you to feel like a fierce warrior from ancient Rome. We carry plenty of different styles for men. Our kid's gladiator costumes will make you mini-me look like a mini warrior. Ladies will love suiting up to look both fierce and feisty when wearing any of our  women's gladiator costumes. We even have ones licensed from the iconic Ridley Scott 2000 film, Gladiator. (Such a classic movie!) Just pick your favorite style of costume and you’re bound to have a fighting chance at winning the next costume contest you head to.