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Blue Wigs

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Are you looking for something a touch exotic to top off your costumed look? Well, have you considered giving yourself a vibrant flair to really make you feel unique? Well, try your hand—or should we say head—at one of our blue wigs! They are sure to give you the gleaming style for magical mermaid, wondrous witch, or even crazy clown! 
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Blue hair might seem like the brand new thing that has been exploding across the scene, but it's been around a touch longer than you might have thought! Who started this brilliant trend? Was it youngsters into punk music and standing out in a crowd? How about Renaissance maidens seeking to attract the blessings of a unicorn in the enchanted grove? A mystical queen seeking to use her magical abilities to acquire eternal youth? 

Well, actually that last one is pretty close! Turns out that the Queen Mother, Elizabeth, helped to popularize a blue rinse that helped give some of the graying hairs a bit of a silver sheen! So, the first folks who tended to be called 'blue-haired ladies' were actually among our refined, elder crowd. 

The magic of the blue hair certainly hasn't faded. Now, we see it more often as a way to really stand out but also as a signature style of those touched by a hint of mysticism. The mysterious pixie stylings of Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim and the can-do attitude of Coraline are definite standouts! It is also 'common' among some of the rarest of mythological creatures. Ariel might be a famous red-headed mermaid, but a nice head of turquoise hair is perfect for a magical mermaid. Bring out some icy magic with a blue-haired sorceress! Or let your inner Joy (or Sadness) come Inside Out with the same style made famous by Sailor Mercury! 

Now that you've got some great ideas for characters that rock the sapphire style, you might be looking at that box of hair dye with some uncertainty. We agree! That can be a really risky step. Fortunately, our Blue Wigs can serve as a perfect (and instant) step to blue-haired wonder! We have a ton of different styles and shades for your blue needs!