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Ms. Frizzle Earrings
Made By Us Exclusive
Bright Orange Bob Wig
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Women's Red Baby Doll Heels
St. Patrick's Day Orange Wig
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Safari Pith Adult Hat
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Made By Us Exclusive
White Bone Earrings_
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We always hoped that Ms. Frizzle would come flying into our science class with her magical yellow school bus. She always made science interesting, fun, and exciting! If you loved Ms. Frizzle and wished that you could attend class with Carlos, Phoebe, Keesha and the rest of her students, then we have a feeling that you will love our officially licensed Magic School Bus costumes! Of course we did not forget about Liz the classroom pet chameleon. You can accessorize your Ms. Frizzle dress with a Liz purse, or even find a friend to join in on the fun and dress up in a chameleon costume! 

Now you can be transformed into the zany, yet informative, Ms. Frizzle that you use to watch religiously on PBS. You'll get the infamous long-sleeved dress with the planetary print and high button collar when you purchase this exclusive costume. You can only get this unique costume at so you won't be finding this science-themed dress anywhere else. Guess what? We also have the bright orange Ms. Fizzle wig. Don this costume and you'll be making all your childhood dreams come true. Monster