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Family Guy Costumes

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"YOU'RE GETTING A COSTUME!" Thanks Ollie! Now, onto the category description... Family Guy has captured our hearts, made us laugh, made us cringe, and possibly inspired us to write an angry letter to our local FOX station. But if you're here, you're here because you love Peter, Lois, Chris, Stewie, Brian, and possibly Meg. That's right, you're a Family Guy fan, and since the big costume hullabaloo season is coming, you'll want to go as your favorite character from our selection of Family Guy costumes. Have a groovy night out as Glenn Quagmire, or scrape your knee as Peter Griffen and spend most of the night on the ground saying, "Ahhh, tssst, ahhh..." or go as a giant chicken and hand out expired coupons at the grocery store (just watch out for large punchy men). There's so many possibilities here for cartoon fun, you're going to be whistling the theme song all night long when you go in one of our Family Guy costumes.

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